Water Heater

Common Mistakes When Lowering the Water Heater Temperature (and ways to correct them)

You’d probably think that lowering your water heater doesn’t involve any technical knowledge. But surprisingly, even though it’s not rocket science, many people are still committing mistakes, some of which are downright dangerous, by this we mean accidents that require a trip to the ER.   Most Common Water Heater Mistakes The list below explains […]

5 Different Types of Water Heater (and how to know which model is the right one for you)

There are five types of water heater systems, some of which are more energy-efficient than others. However, the right one primarily depends on the size of your household, the available fuel or energy source, and your budget. Patrick’s Hot Water, a Rocklin-based water heater and plumbing company, explains these in this article.   Related blogs: […]