What is the Best Temperature for a Hot Water Heater?

What is the Best Temperature for a Hot Water Heater?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of taking a bath in perfectly heated water. After a long day of work and stress, you sit in a tub with warm water available at your fingertips. A lot of people enjoy this treat, but are they doing it correctly? Is your water heater set up to ensure you get perfectly heated water?


To answer these questions, you first have to know what the best temperature for your water heater is.


The Department of Energy recommends 120 degrees Fahrenheit to be an ideal water heater temperature setting. Studies have shown that this temperature is hot enough to kill common bacteria. Setting it below 120 can actually be harmful since the heat is not enough to kill bacteria that thrive in stagnant water. Although it is hot, this temperature will now cause burns and scalding. It is safe, even for children.


Correctly setting your water temperature is also crucial in keeping your energy bill at a minimum. The higher the temperature setting, the higher the energy bill. If you want to save up a little money, you can set it to a bit lower temperature, which is 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not recommended; however, if you have small children, elderly, family members with weaker immune systems.


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