Wherever you are, having a constant supply of hot water is very important. In most cases, it is a necessity more than a luxury. Imagine being in a resort on a cold winter night for a work trip, exhausted from multiple meetings, only to find out there is no hot water in your hotel.

All commercial establishments must strive to provide their customers with hot water, especially during colder seasons. Operating your business without a water heater is a big no-no.

Some business owners have the perception that commercial water heater installation can cost a fortune. While installing a hot water heater can be an investment, having the proper facilities will entice more clients and bring in more profit. In essence, your water heater will pay for itself.

What’s the difference between residential and commercial water heaters?
Commercial water heaters are built for high-demand consumption of hot water. Hot water tanks hold anywhere upwards of 250 gallons, while residential water heaters hold less than 100 gallons. These are also bulkier, made of heavier metal components, and take more power to run.

How much hot water does my business need?
Businesses and facilities vary in water requirements. A small b&b, office, or retail store requires less hot water than apartments, condominiums, or an office building. On average, a commercial building consumes 12.8 gallons per square foot.

What are the types of water heater I can consider?

Tank Storage water heater
Tank Storage water heater works by producing hot water and storing it in a tank until the water is used. It is the most common type of water heater. It is used widely, even in residential houses. One advantage of this type is its affordability and wide usage. Since a lot of people are using this, it is also easier to find service providers that can help you maintain and repair this type. However, using tank storage water heater can only provide you with limited water supply. Since it operates by using stored tank water, your supply of hot water is not as continuous as you would like it to be. This type of water heater is also prone to energy loss. If your tank is not well-insulated, excessive heat loss may occur. Visit 4boys.

Tankless water heater
If you are a commercial establishment that caters to the needs of many, a tankless water heater might be best. A tankless water heater is also known as a demand water heater. This type of water heater produces hot water instantaneously. There is no need for you to wait since the water supply does not pass thru storage. Tankless water heaters generally cost a little more than the tank storage but provides you with a constant and limitless supply. Despite costing more, you will save money by avoiding energy loss in the long run.

Our commercial water heaters come in different models and sizes for various applications and budgets to cater to our clients with different needs. Our trained and experienced technicians will be happy to help you in deciding which water heater service your business might need – anything from installation to repair to maintenance. Our experts can suggest the best water heater for your business. With talented technicians, all your hot water needs will be addressed with expert care and caution.

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