Water Heater Installation

Showering with cold water isn’t something most people look forward to, and that’s very understandable. It’s one of those things that make getting up and ready in the morning more complicated than you realize. But don’t worry, there is a quick fix to that, and it’s hassle-free. Patrick’s Hot Water offers water heater installation services for all of your needs. Whether you need hot water for the shower, the tap, the dishwasher, or all of that, Patrick’s Hot Water has got you covered.

The Service

Patrick’s Hot Water works with different types of water heating models and pumps. Depending on the size of the household or business, there are many available units to choose from, such as gas tank-type, propane type, electric, and tankless water heaters. Hot water recirculation pumps are also available, which will help you save a lot of water.

We have been in the industry for a long time. We guarantee  top-class service. Your home or business will be safe, and you can rest easy knowing that there will be no complications upon the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Installation cost depends on the heater model you’ll be having installed. Tanked water heaters usually cost less than the other types, and solar water heaters are the most expensive.

It depends on the model. There are models that are suitable for the outside and models that must be put under your roof. But in general, a spacious place in your house where there is good ventilation is a great spot for installing the water heater.

Yes, it can. But it depends on your attic. As long as there is enough combustion air available, a tankless water heater can be installed in any area of your house.

Yes. Water heaters may be installed outside in certain circumstances. Electric and gas-tank style water heaters are not suitable to be put outside without shelter.

However, there are some models of gas tankless water heaters that can be installed outside. There are also electric tankless water heaters that may be installed outside, provided they have some sheltering to protect them from the elements.

Installing a water heater requires knowledge in plumbing, as well as electrical, heating, ventilation, and carpentry skills. Not to mention that some places do not allow unlicensed individuals to do the work. While you can technically install a water heating system by yourself, it is best to seek help from experts to avoid any accidents.

Looking to Have a Hot Water Heater Installed?

Patrick’s Hot Water also caters to homes in need of water heater. You can contact us at (936) 824-5131 to discuss further matters if you are interested.

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Water heater installation

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Rocklin-based and family-owned and operated, Patrick’s Hot Water has been part of the community since 2001, providing quality water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services to residences as well as commercial establishments.